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Organizational Structure

Board of Trustees


Organizational Structure


HAPI's Physicians' Indemnity Plan is a membership-run organization. The membership elects the Board of Trustees, who are responsible for administering the plan, in accordance with Hawaii Revised Statute 435E and the Physicians' Indemnity Plan Agreement.


Thirteen elected Trustees are in charge of administering the Plan. Each elected Trustee serves a term of two years. The Chairman of the Board is Neil Manago, M.D.


A seventeen member Peer Review Committee is appointed by the Board of Trustees. This committee is in charge of evaluating new physician applicants and covered members. The committee is comprised of physician members representing various specialties. Because of the cooperative structure, the physician members are responsible for the professional liability claims made against the other members of HAPI. Therefore, PIP has a strict screening process for all applicants, and also conducts ongoing peer review of its members. The application process is designed to identify physicians with good claims records, that practice the highest quality of medicine and who HAPI believes will be the least likely to encounter lawsuits. If, after becoming a member, a physician develops a pattern of practice that the organization believes adds unusual risk, the member will be counseled by the Peer Review Committee. If the member cannot, or will not, correct any deficiencies noted by the Peer Review Committee, then the Board of Trustees has the right to terminate the physician's membership in the Plan.


A seventeen-member Claims Review committee is appointed by the Board of Trustees. This Committee is in charge of developing and implementing programs for the prevention of claims and for evaluating and making recommendations concerning the disposition of medical malpractice claims made against members of The Plan. Members of the Committee must be members of HAPI's Physicians' Indemnity Plan. Also, any claim made against a member will not be settled without the member's consent. The organization's professional staff, its third party claims administrator, its legal counsel and the Claims Review Committee review all claims made against a member. The physicians on the Claims Review Committee then make recommendations to the Board of Trustees, as to whether a case should be settled, tried or resolved by some other means.


An eight-member Investment committee is appointed by the Board of Trustees. This Committee is in charge of the financial aspects of The Plan, including the appropriate investment of funds necessary to pay operating expenses and claims costs.


This four-member committee is in charge of developing strategies for the viability of the membership.


Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, employees are responsible for supporting the membership goals and objectives.

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