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Here's what some of our members have to say about membership with HAPI

After converting my coverage to HAPI, I was pleased with the cost savings but even more impressed with their immediate attention to my concerns. It is very reassuring to know that HAPI is highly accessible if there is a concern. I’ve experienced excellent customer service since day one.

Art Wong, M.D., Pediatrician

"What prompted me to search for a new malpractice insurance provider was the steep increase in premiums. I am a strong believer that you get what you pay for, but also want value. Malpractice insurance companies should provide good legal support if that fateful day arrives. In addition, I was concerned that certain companies would not have enough reserves to handle large or multiple claims. I checked with the insurance commission and researched the integrity of the attorneys and felt that HAPI has the support that I need at an affordable price. Now, that's value!"

Lance M. Kurata, M.D., Internist

"After thoroughly researching my options, I decided that HAPI was the right choice for me. I feel good knowing that HAPI controls its medical malpractice coverage costs and charges its members only the necessary amount needed to provide coverage. It's nice to belong to such a highly respected organization."

Cheryle Ganal-Ihori, M.D., Internist

"Upon reviewing the membership roster, it became apparent to me, that HAPI has been providing quality service for many years to a multitude of very well respected physicians. I am pleased by the malpractice premiums as well as the stability of these premiums. I have not needed to utilize their professional legal services, however, I have been assured by many members of the services provided, and that it has been prompt, courteous, professional and with the highest integrity. At this point in time, I would be happy to recommend HAPI to a colleague."

Paul T. Morris, M.D., General & Thoracic Surgeon

"I initially changed my malpractice carrier to HAPI due to the rising costs of my previous carrier, where premiums had increased to nearly twice that of HAPI’s rates. But since being a member, I have been so impressed with my ability to pick up the phone and ask my questions to a live, experienced person… no time zones, no phone stress, no voice recordings! Their service is always professional, courteous, and seamless."

Kathleen Mah, M.D., General Surgeon

"As a local, physician-owned company, you feel as if you have some control with courteous, rapid service at a time when you need it most."

Gerald A. Hiatt, M.D., Internist

"Throughout the 26 years that I have been a member of HAPI's Ohana, I have always felt supported and nurtured by my colleagues within the organization."

Arlene Meyers, M.D., Pediatrician

"Service is prompt. Education seminars are very helpful and effective. Staff is always very courteous and eager to help. It is nice to know that everyone we'll be working with is well known to us."

John T. McDonnell, M.D., Allergist/Immunologist

"My HAPI association has been a high point of my professional life for the last 21 years. In this time of CLIA, OSHA, Hospital Policies, Medicare and HMO's, it's great to belong to an organization interested in the actual welfare of physicians, and allows one to have input and be in control of at least one aspect of medicine."

Marc Shlachter, M.D., Family Practitioner

"I have been extremely pleased with the every interaction that I have had with HAPI. I believe that the cost savings are very real and that, on those few occasions when I have needed advice, I have had the finest. I look upon HAPI more as a friend to turn to in time of need and confusion than as a medical malpractice coverage provider."

Gregory Caputy, M.D., Ph.D, Plastic Surgeon

"I have always been happy with HAPI. As a member since its inception, I have found the personnel to be knowledgeable, experienced and concerned for the membership. Their Loss Prevention Programming is excellent preventive medicine."

Norman Goldstein, M.D., Dermatologist

"I have been with HAPI since inception. My dedication and loyalty to HAPI is a direct result of the concern, commitment and dedication HAPI has shown to me. I am very impressed with HAPI's Claims handling system, risk management programs, professionally run committees and stability with costs. As a member for over 28 years, I would be very proud to recommend HAPI to a colleague."

Myron Shirasu, M.D., Internist

"I am very grateful to belong to an organization that exists solely for the medical malpractice coverage needs and concerns of its members. When HAPI has a good year, savings are passed on to its members. I also appreciate the local focus, excellent risk management programs and knowledgeable and caring staff. It's no surprise that HAPI's membership continues to increase."

Kathleen Durante, M.D., Pediatrician

"I encountered many decisions in starting a new practice after several years with another group. HAPI made my choice for a new malpractice carrier easy. From my first encounter, they made me feel part of a special organization. HAPI offered everything I was looking for. They were very personable, provided excellent risk prevention programs and local support. In addition, the cost savings was the icing on the cake."

Mark E.Tafoya, M.D., Vitreoretinal Surgeon/Ophthalmologist

"I was pleasantly surprised with the additional savings I received when signing up with HAPI. They have been extremely accommodating in providing liability coverage for my practice, and I would recommend other Osteopathic Physicians to consider HAPI as their carrier as well."

Leland Dao, D.O., Family Practitioner

735 Bishop Street, Ste 311, Honolulu, HI 96813. Ph:808-538-1908, Fax:808-528-0123

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