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Claims Handling

Loss Prevention

HAPI's claim system is designed to bring together a team of professionals with the knowledge and experience to bring claims asserted against members to a prompt and favorable resolution.

Experienced Defense Counsel

HAPI protects our members' reputations by utilizing experienced defense counsel to represent members in administrative proceedings and litigation. The attorneys we retain are among the finest in the State of Hawaii, with a proven track record for successfully defending medical malpractice claims.

Knowledgeable Claims Administrators

HAPI has contracted with CAP/MPT to serve as third party administrator of claims filed against our members. CAP/MPT brings over 30 years experience to assist in managing claims and reducing legal expenses. CAP/MPT provides information and assistance to members who may be threatened with claims, and relies on its years of experience to evaluate claims for litigation or settlement.

Professional Claims Review

Physician HAPI members serve on a committee which works with the claims administrator and legal counsel to evaluate claims. The Claims Review Committee provides the medical expertise needed to assess malpractice issues and damages, and works with the doctor to ensure that all important aspects of the defense are carefully considered and fully explored.

HAPI's Team Will Work with You

HAPI's experienced team works with members who are involved in potential claims to reach a swift and satisfactory outcome in all disputes. Members and their attorneys will be expected and encouraged to participate in defense and settlement.

To further enhance our claims handling, we have contracted with an experienced Third Party Claims Administrator.




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