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HAPI allocates PIP's actual costs to the membership. The PIP financial structure is based upon a three tiered pricing strategy, which involves membership deposits, annual dues and assessments. Each member is assigned one of fifteen risk classifications, based upon the physician's specialty and the procedures performed within that specialty.

The membership deposits are placed in a trust fund, generating income to pay defense costs, settlements, judgments and operating expenses of PIP. The deposit is a membership fee, which is tax deductible to the physician and refundable, in accordance with the Physicians' Indemnity Plan Agreement. The amount of the deposit depends upon the physician's risk classification, and currently ranges between $8,500 and $49,500. Under HAPI's pricing structure, the physician pays the deposit in ten, interest free, annual installments.

The members are also required to pay annual membership dues, which vary depending on the risk classification. The current annual dues range from $100 for class 1 to $1,000 for class 7B.

An annual membership assessment is based upon the claims payments, defense costs and operating costs of the program, with emphasis given to the Plan's performance over the past twelve months. The total assessment is then allocated among the members, based upon a risk ratio, which is assigned to each specialty risk classification. The annual assessments are designed to be both fair to members and to allow HAPI to remain competitive in the marketplace.

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